Artive, LLC

Creative Brief

We set out to create an application that will empower and inspire artists like you.

Artive is a judgement-free, anonymous photography sharing platform that gives you a no-bullshit creative space to become a better artist.

  • Sign-in with your phone number, and enter the verification code.
  • Post a photo and select your camera, lens, aperture, and category.
  • Critique other photos using the 5-star rating system, and leave a comment that will help the artist improve their craft.
  • Head to the Stats page to review your photo’s performance.
  • Read what others have said about your photos by navigating to the Feedback page.


  • Sketch

  • Invision App

  • React / React Native

  • Material-UI

Addressing a social issue

We sat down and identified what we strongly felt as issues with media sharing applications and brainstormed ways to present a not-so new way of thinking about viewing artwork. First, it’s really not that new.

Challenge: When you walk into an art gallery what do you see? ARTWORK! Why should an application be any different?

Artwork, that’s it

What do you get when you strip away the frills? A photography sharing platform that gives you a fresh and beautifully curated list of work to browse.

Solution: The ability to share your work and receive constructive feedback in a judgement-free creative space.


Who wants to spend time creating a profile and having a complicated login process? Well, we didn’t. We decided to use a simple phone number verification code process. 100% secure and easy to use. Plug in your phone number and get a verification code via text message. Done!

Beautifully curated list of photos

The great thing about artive is that we’ve set time limits on posts so that your feed stays fresh. Posts last seven days ensuring you’ll always see the latest and greatest work.

One seamless experience

Using React and React Native allowed us to develop a seamless experience between web and mobile. Creating a consistent experience was important to us throughout the design process.