MobileSmith Health, Inc.

Creative Brief

MobileSmith Health’s web platform allows clients to design, build and compile native mobile applications for iOS and Android with an intuitive and robust interface. Create new app projects and build them out using your hospital’s branding and content. Upload your artwork, credentials and compile for app store submission. The output results in your app’s native files.


  • Adobe XD

  • HTML 5

  • Bootstrap 4

Deploy a suite of mobile apps to your patients

With the increasing demand for healthcare resources at your fingertips, hospitals and organizations need a one-stop-shop for building a suite of mobile applications.

Challenge: A big challenge in the design process of the MobileSmith platform was accounting for our demographic of clients that would be using it. Most had no prior experience with drag-and-drop web platforms so creating a streamlined experience and a highly accessible application was priority.

Design, develop and compile in one place

Several months of white-boarding workflows for a more simplified version of the existing MobileSmith platform took place.

Solution: Bootstrap 4 was chosen as the platform’s UI framework for its scalability, I most certainly had to break the framework to form fit our needs. Working in Adobe XD allowed me to prototype out potentially new designs for approval by our product owner.


The MobileSmith platform allows clients to drag and drop text and images to design every screen of the app. The right toolbar allows them to stylize every element on the canvas.

App store submission

The MobileSmith platform allows clients to import iOS and Android assets to be compiled for app store submission. Once complete, build and compile your app for in native formats.